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Your highly-qualified Finance team in the cloud.

We take care of your back office operations at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey. Our LEGS can help you scale!


Hassle-free way of registering your business and securing the right statutory licenses to operate.

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Cover a range of back office support functions, including activities requiring a high degree of specialized finance knowledge, without you having to hire a full time resource.

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An ideal solution for you so you can stay focused on your core competencies, while remaining legally compliant.

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Provides financial leadership to assist your management team to deliver targeted business results.

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We're like the pit crew for the race team. We ensure the wheels are aligned, the engine is tuned, and the driver has all the technical backing he needs. And while we strictly follow the rules and unforgiving on compliance, we understand the character sitting in the driver's seat is unique from everyone else.
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